Hi I'm Malbert Lee from HongKong. I had my first yoga class in 2000 at a local gym and have loved it ever since. I found that the discipline is very therapeutic for both mind and body, which is very beneficial for everyone. Besides yoga I also practise mindfulness meditation and sound healing and I love adding them in my yoga class.


I went to New York City for two months for Strala Yoga Ready To Lead 200 and 300 hours training with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor and be the first 500hours Strala Yoga guide in Asia. I also went to Bali for a 200-hour training course with Allison Eaton to explore a little bit more in the yoga world and was certified to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga.


After attending a couple of sound healing workshops in Hongkong and New York I discovered the power of Sound Meditation — a transformational mindfulness practice through sound healing. I was trained by singing bowl master Santa Ratna Shakya, gong master Martha Collard and Mark Swan. My class provides a unique and personal mindfulness experience that improves people's mind and body wellness through sound healing with the gong and singing bowls.


As a yoga and sound meditation teacher I encourage people to explore and unleash their full potential using natural movement, breath and mindfulness. I believe life should be fun and enjoyable, so does yoga and sound healing.


I welcome you to go on the yoga and sound journey with me :)

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Transcendence Sound Meditation with gong and singing bowls




Raise your awareness and consciousness through a sound journey of self-exploration and discovery with specially crafted gong and singing bowls.


In this 60-minute gong and singing bowl sound healing meditation class, we will be using different sound vibrations as a tool to release tension in the body and ease the mind. Immerse yourself in the rich overtones of the specially crafted gong and singing bowls which have been in use for healing, cleansing and relaxation.


This is also a great opportunity to experience a deep state of relaxation, balanced chakra energy, improved circulation and sleep quality.


The class is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.


DATE: Fri, 25th of May 2018

LOCATION: The Yoga Room 4/F studio

TIME: 8:30 - 9:30pm


ADDRESS: The Yoga Room 4/F Studio

Xiu Ping Commercial Building

104 Jervois Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Crystal Bowl Sound Bath at Float On Hong Kong




In this 60-minute crystal bowl sound bath experience, participants will lie down in a relaxed position with their eyes closed and bring the awareness to their breath while completely immersed in the crystal singing bowl sound wave. The sound will take you to a deep relaxation meditative state and also improve circulation and sleep quality.


Drinks and Fruits are provided. Instructed in english. Be sure you book in advanced and reserve your space.


DATE: Fri, 1st of June 2018

LOCATION: Float On HongKong

TIME: 7:30 - 9pm


ADDRESS: Basement (Door Beside 7-11)

89 Caine Road

Mid-Levels, Hong Kong



Upcoming Classes


Relax and Restore Restorative yoga to the sound of Alchemy crystal bowl




A practice to renew that combines fully supported postures using bolsters and other props while surrounded by the dulcet sounds of Alchemy crystal singing bowls. The postures benefit the physical body while the bowls induce a calm and meditative state. The inclusion of sound allows for deeper penetration and release of blocked energy.


45 minutes from start to finish suitable for all ages and no previous yoga experience necessary.


DATE: May 24, 29 31 June 5, 12, 19 2018

LOCATION: Red Doors Studio

TIME: 12:30 - 1:15 PM


ADDRESS: Flat A, Floor 21, Lee Fund Centre,

31 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong


Refresh Express Crystal Bowl Sound Bath at Shared Space




Experience 30 minutes of deep relaxation and rejuvenation with the sound of alchemy crystal singing bowls. During this sound bath experience, participants will lie down in a relaxed position with their eyes covered while immersed in crystal bowl sound waves. The sound will take you to a deep relaxation state and also improve circulation, sleep quality and productivity. This 30-minute afternoon refreshing express sound experience offers you the time and space to relax, take a nap or meditate. The alchemy crystal singing bowls are specially crafted infused with rare crystal and gemstone. The heavenly sound will ease your mind and give you a cellular level sound massage. Complementary energising tea will be served at the end of the session.


Simply wear anything comfortable. Suitable for all age groups, no experience required.


DATE: 16, 23, 25 May 2018

LOCATION: Shared Space

TIME: Session 1 1:15 - 1:45PM ; Session 2 2:00 - 2:30PM

PRICE:$100 per session




Gong Bath at Shared Space




Week night gong bath express relaxing sound healing experience


DATE: Tue 22, 29 May 2018

LOCATION: Shared Space

TIME: 8:45-9:30

PRICE: $150





Restorative Yoga with crystal singing bowl at The Yoga Room HK




In this special restorative and sound healing fusion class, participants will relax in gentle yet full and deep stretching poses. The sound vibration of the crystal singing bowls will help you to release tension deep inside the body and ease the mind. It is a therapeutic and meditative practice that helps you to connect with the divinity within yourself. This is also a healing and recuperative experience that can balance chakra energy, improve circulation, sleep quality and productivity.


DATE: 14, 16, 23 May 2018

LOCATION: The Yoga Room 16/F studio

TIME: 11:00 - 12:00 pm


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