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*Rejuvenating Self-Healing with Sound Workshop - 3 March*

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Gong Bath Deep Relaxation at SharedSpace - Feb 13

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Immersed in multiple gongs vibration, experiencing deep mind-body relaxation, releasing energetic blockage and tension. In this multi-sensory gong bath experience, we will begin with full moon meditation followed by relaxation with their eyes covered while immersed in multiple gongs sound waves. The harmonic sound from gong will take you to a deeply peaceful state. An effortless meditation practice that eases your mind and also improves circulation with the sound travel through your body giving you an internal massage.


Simply wear anything comfortable. Suitable for all age, no experience required.


DATE & TIME: Wed,  13 Feb 2019 8-9PM

LOCATION: SharedSpace

PRICE: HK$250 /pp HK$400 / 2pp




Mind Body Sound Healing Retreat Taiwan 19-21 Apr

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This retreat provides a unique and personal mindfulness experience that improves people's mind and body wellness through sound healing with the gong and singing bowls in the beautiful retreat centre located in Taipei.


Your Weekend Retreat Include:

* Daily Sound Healing Yoga & Meditation

* 1x Tibetan Singing Bowls Fundamental Intensive Workshop

* 1x Private Local Excursion

* 1x Luxury Hot Spring Visit in the Mountain

* Metta Loving Kindness Energy Circle

* Ocean Therapy & Nature Walks

* Gourmet Vegetarian Meals

* Raw Vegan Desserts & Homemade Kombucha

* 2 Nights Ocean View Shared Accommodation (Extra Charge for Private Room)


All-Inclusive Package Price:

US$650 or NT$20,100 Per Person for Shared Accommodation (Extra for Private Accommodation)

Pricing includes 7% Good Karma donation to the local charity



DATE & TIME: 19-21 Apr 2019

ADDRESS: 18 Haiwan Xincheng, Shimen District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 



Upcoming Classes


Enhale Mindfulness Studio

14th Floor, The Plaza,21 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

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3 FEB 12:30-1:30PM - Gong Bath

4 FEB 1:15-1:45PM Gong Express

13 FEB 1:30-2PM Voice

14 FEB 1:15-1:45PM Gong Express

15 FEB 6:15-6:45PM Voice

15 FEB 7-8PM Gong Bath

2 MAR 12-1PM Gong Bath

3 MAR 12:30-1:30PM Mindful Movement & Sound Bath

5 MAR 1:15-1:45PM Gong Express

6 MAR 1:15-1:45PM Singing Bowl

6 MAR 5:30-6:15PM Singing Bowl

7 MAR 1:15-1:45PM Gong Express

9 MAR 12-1PM Gong Bath




The Yoga Room

Xiu Ping Commercial Building

104 Jervois Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Restorative Yoga with crystal singing bowl at The Yoga Room HK


In this special restorative and sound healing fusion class, participants will relax in gentle yet full and deep stretching poses. The sound vibration of the crystal singing bowls will help you to release tension deep inside the body and ease the mind. It is a therapeutic and meditative practice that helps you to connect with the divinity within yourself. This is also a healing and recuperative experience that can balance chakra energy, improve circulation, sleep quality and productivity.




LOCATION: The Yoga Room 3/F


Training workshop


Rejuvenating Self-Healing with Sound Workshop - 3 March

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To achieve a sense of calm and peace can be difficult when we are living in this hustle and bustle city. Hong Kong’s leading sound meditation teacher Malbert Lee has made it easy for you by introducing this easy and practical self-healing sound workshop.



At the end of the workshop you will have more understanding of the concept of sound healing and various techniques on how to use the singing bowl and the tuning fork to retune and relax your mind and body. This will help to speed up your body’s natural self-healing process.



What you will learn from this workshop:

- Theory of sound healing

- Basic use of Tibetan singing bowl to release muscle tension, ease pain and balance chakras

- Basic use of tuning fork for calming, mood elevating, headache, sinus and body aches’ treatment


What to bring: Comfortable clothes and water


*Specially crafted singing bowls and tuning forks will be available during class and can be purchased at the end of the workshop


*This workshop is suitable for practitioners of all levels with no prior experience required


DATE & TIME: 3 MAR 2019, 3:30-6:30 PM

PRICE: $650 Early bird before 17 February 2019, $850 Regular

ADDRESS: The Yoga Room 6/F, Xiu Ping Commercial Building, 104 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong



Tibetan Singing Bowl Fundamental Intensive Workshop - 1st of May

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Do you enjoy the sounds of Tibetan singing bowl and would like to know more on how it works?


Have you ever seen one and would like to play it but not sure where to begin? Or, do you already own one and want to improve your skills? This workshop is ideal for people who would like to deepen their knowledge of Tibetan singing bowls with interactive exercises. Enhance your skill and confidence to use this transformational sacred healing tool.



What you will learn from this weekend intensive:


Day 1

– Basic use of singing bowls and meditation

– History and different types of singing bowls

– How to hold a singing bowl and the use of different types of mallets

– Basic techniques to make the bowl sing and optimize its vibration

– How to use singing bowl to assist you during meditation practice and enhance the experience

– How to use for personal energy cleansing and space purifying

– More techniques for sound and vibration

– Use of singing bowls for self-cleaning and protection

– How to use singing bowls for other people

– Use of singing bowls for purifying space

– Use of sage for self-cleansing and purifying space

– How to choose a singing bowl

– How to take care of singing bowls

– Sound bath with Tibetan and crystal bowls to close the session


What to bring

Comfortable clothes and water


Singing bowls will be available during the class and can be purchased at the end of the course. You are welcome to bring your own bowl but please ensure it is clearly labelled and identifiable as your



*This workshop is suitable for practitioners of all levels, no prior experience required.

*You will receive an exclusive sage kit at the end of the course.

*Special requests can also be made for private singing bowl training (1-3 people)


Booking can also be made directly through our office, please contact The Yoga Room at or call 2544-8398 for details.



Please note that once paid, no refund will be offered on trainings and workshops.


DATE & TIME: 1 MAY 2019, 2-7 PM

PRICE: $1,300 early-bird price before 1 Apr, 2019

$1,600 regular price

ADDRESS: The Yoga Room, Xiu Ping Commercial Building, 104 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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