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Sound Bath Relaxation at SharedSpace



A unique relaxation experience combining sound, scent and crystal.

Participants will lie down comfortably with their eyes covered with lavender eye pillow while completely immersed in the sound wave of the singing bowls that are fused with gold, rare gemstones and rare crystals.

The cocoon of sound vibration will soothe your mind, relax your body, reduce stress, clear energetic blockage so that you can feel good inside out.

After the session herbal tea and a healthy snack will be provided. Instruction in English. Be sure to book in advance and reserve your space.


DATE: 8th July, 5th Aug 2018

LOCATION: SharedSpace

TIME: 6-7:00 PM

PRICE: HK$250 /pp HK$400 / 2pp





Full Moon Sound Meditation with Gong & Singing Bowls


Raise your awareness and consciousness with the full moon, specifically crafted Gong and singing bowls.


In this 60-minute sound healing meditation class, we will be using different sound vibrations as a tool to release tension in the body and ease the mind. It includes vocal meditation, breathing exercise and sounds from a variety of musical instruments. Immerse yourself in the rich overtones of the specially crafted gong and singing bowls which have been in use for over a thousand years for healing, cleansing and relaxation.


This is also a great opportunity to experience a deep state of relaxation, balanced chakra energy, improved circulation and sleep quality.


The class is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.


DATE: Fri, 27th July 2018

LOCATION: The Yoga Room 4/F studio

TIME: 8:30 - 9:30PM


ADDRESS: The Yoga Room 4/F Studio

Xiu Ping Commercial Building

104 Jervois Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong



Tibetan Singing Bowl Fundamental Intensive Workshop


Do you enjoy the sound of the Tibetan singing bowl and would like to know more on how it works? Have you ever seen one and would like to play it but not sure where to begin? Or, you already own one and want to improve your skill? This workshop is ideal for people who would like to deepen their knowledge of Tibetan singing bowls with interactive exercises. Enhance your skill and confidence to use this transformational sacred healing tool.


What you will learn from this workshop:

Day 1 Basic use of singing bowls and meditation

- History and different types of singing bowl

- How to hold the singing bowl and the use of different types of mallet

- Basic techniques to make the bowl sing and optimise its vibration

- How to use the singing bowl to assist you during meditation practice and enhance the experience

- How to choose a singing bowl

- How to take care of a singing bowl

- Sound bath with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls to close the session


Day 2 How to use the singing bowl for personal energy cleansing and space purifying

- More techniques for sound and vibration

- Use of singing bowl for self-cleansing and protection

- How to use the singing bowl for other people

- Use of singing bowl for purifying the space

- Use of sage for self-cleansing and purifying the space

- Sound bath with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls to close the session


What to bring:

Comfortable clothes, water

Singing bowls will be available during the class and can be purchased at the end of the course. You are

welcome to bring your own bowl but please ensure that it is clearly labelled and identifiable as your


*This workshop is suitable for practitioners of all levels, no prior experience required.

**You will receive an exclusive sage kit at the end of the course.


DATE: 13th - 14th Oct 2018

LOCATION: The Yoga Room 3/F studio

TIME: 3-6pm

PRICE: Full weekend intensive:

$1,300HKD (early-bird) / $1,600HKD (full-price)

Single day:

$750 (early-bird) / $900HKD (full-price)

ADDRESS: The Yoga Room 3/F Studio

Xiu Ping Commercial Building

104 Jervois Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

** Early-bird rates end on the 31st August 2018 **


Upcoming Classes


Red Doors Studio

Flat A, Floor 21, Lee Fund Centre,

31 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong


Relax and Restore Restorative yoga to the sound of Alchemy crystal bowl


A practice to renew that combines fully supported postures using bolsters and other props while surrounded by the dulcet sounds of Alchemy crystal singing bowls. The postures benefit the physical body while the bowls induce a calm and meditative state. The inclusion of sound allows for deeper penetration and release of blocked energy.


45 minutes from start to finish suitable for all ages and no previous yoga experience necessary.


DATE: 10, 24, 26 July 2018

TIME: 12:30 - 1:15 PM



Power Nap - afternoon Gong relaxation with Malbert Lee


Horizontal life pauses are now the ultimate benefit for increasing productivity, creativity and well-being.

Take a break for a pause that refreshes and join us for a deep relaxation pick-me-up to the sound of meditation gongs. Mats, blankets, lavender eye bags are all supplied. All you need do is book in advance. You are welcome to bring your lunch and eat in our breakout area afterwards. Tea, filtered water and lemon water available.

DATE: 9, 11, 25, 27, 30 July 2018

TIME: 12:30 - 1PM, 1:15 - 1:45PM

PRICE:HK$150 / pp, HK$250 / 2pp


Cloud 9 - surround sound bath with Malbert Lee


An elevated experience geared for everyone especially pregnant ladies and those who are unable to lie on their backs for extended periods. Ariel slings cocoon and support the body surrounded by the sound of gongs and other sacred instruments. The sling induces deep relaxation for mother and child and space is strictly limited. Bookings required. Pre-payment required to confirm your sling.


DATE: 10, 24, 26, July 2018

TIME: 10 - 11 AM





The Yoga Room

Xiu Ping Commercial Building

104 Jervois Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Restorative Yoga with crystal singing bowl at The Yoga Room HK


In this special restorative and sound healing fusion class, participants will relax in gentle yet full and deep stretching poses. The sound vibration of the crystal singing bowls will help you to release tension deep inside the body and ease the mind. It is a therapeutic and meditative practice that helps you to connect with the divinity within yourself. This is also a healing and recuperative experience that can balance chakra energy, improve circulation, sleep quality and productivity.


DATE: 7 July 2018

LOCATION: The Yoga Room 3/F studio

TIME: 4 - 5 pm


DATE: 25 July 2018

LOCATION: The Yoga Room 16/F studio

TIME: 10:45 - 11:45am




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