Malbert Lee is an international sound alchemist from Hong Kong. He often travels and spends lots of time on the plane, crossing different time zones and fighting jet lag. The constant travelling has affected his health so he’s been searching for ways to de-stress and improve his well-being. He found that yoga and meditation help him to stay healthy and grounded.

After years of yoga practice, he became a yoga teacher in 2016 and in the same year he discovered a highly effective way to de-stress with the power of sound. He has been going on the sound healing journey ever since. The very first sacred instrument he got was a crystal singing bowl and the sound vibration improved his health physically and emotionally. He slowly built up his sacred instrument collection of a variety of gongs and singing bowls. Since then he has undertaken over hundreds of hours of yoga teacher, singing bowl and gong master training with international masters.

Malbert shares his passion for sound and uses it to de-stress people from all walks of life. He has offered over hundreds of sound bath in Hongkong, London, New York and Vietnam, collaborates with international luxury hotels, corporations, workshop for teenage students and cancer patients and wellness festivals in Hong Kong. He also has his own crystal sound music album available for streaming worldwide.

Malbert’s class provides a unique and personal mindfulness experience that improves people’s mind and body wellness through sound healing with the gong and singing bowls.

As a yoga and sound meditation teacher he encourages people to explore and unleash their full potential using natural movement, breath and mindfulness. He believes life should be fun and enjoyable, so does yoga and sound healing.


Why Sound?

Sound has a huge impact on our total well-being. Humans develop a sense of hearing at an early stage as a foetus and begin to respond to sound as early as 23 weeks after the moment of conception. Our body has a water content of 70%, which is a great conductor of sound vibration too. We receive sound with our ears and through our skin to the body. The human body is like a musical instrument, when things are out of sync, we come under stress, fall sick or feel depressed.

My sound experience allows you to retune yourself by getting immersed in high-frequency sound vibration produced by a variety of instruments such as gongs and crystal singing bowls. This will elevate your energy physically and emotionally.

The concept of sound relaxation is very simple: the body resonates with the sound vibration and removes any energetic blockage while the brain wave slows down and goes into a deep peaceful state when listening to the sound which promotes relaxation and rejuvenation as the detox system works highly efficiently.

Sound relaxation is a total mind-body experience that benefits your well-being. I offer 30 minutes of express relaxation which aims to boost your productivity as scientific research has shown that 20 to 30 minutes’ nap improves performance and alertness. I also offer 60 minutes of deep relaxation experience which includes 45 minutes of sound immersion that is transformational. My sound experience also promotes circulation and sleep quality.