Sensational Mindfuless Retreat

Event Type: Retreat

Date & Time: Sun - Mon 9-10th Jan 2022

Address: WM Hotel Sai Kung

This is the perfect way for you to kick off 2022 afresh, with a 2D1N retreat aiming to enhance your overall wellbeing and set the scene for the rest of the year: re-connect with your senses and ground yourself at the present moment with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch – let us marvel this miracle we call life! We hope to inspire you to live a more conscious and awakened life.
The retreat is hosted by a team of professional wellness enthusiasts including, Jasmine Liu of HyggeWellbeing, Simon Hui of Mindful Studio HK, Raymond Mak of FarmacyHK Terence Lee of GITONE 梓桐堂, Malbert Lee, international sound alchemist and Dr. Emilie Berthet Clairet – Holistic Nutrition.
This star-studded lineup will meticulously conduct and deliver the following activities and more:
🍵 Tea ceremony
🧘‍♂️ Meditation practice
🌱 Principles of mindful farming
🤰 Gut health talk
🟤 Gong bath
🏝 Short ferry trip to an exclusive island for sunrise yoga
✍ Mindful calligraphy
One night hotel accommodation, dinner, and breakfast are ALL included! Single rooms at $4,800, and shared rooms at $3,800 per person only.
Kick-off your 2022 with a higher state of awareness and vibration that will bring long-lasting benefits. 😍
Spaces are limited! For more information or booking please e-mail

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