Summer Solstice Sound Meditation

Event Type: Events

Date & Time: Fri, 21 June 8:30-9:30pm

Address: The Yoga Room 4/F Studio

Price: $250

Elevating our spiritual consciousness through a sound journey with gong and singing bowls.

Taking advantage of the abundance of light on the longest day of the year, with the powerful sound vibration from gong and singing bowls to help us release what no longer serves us emotionally, physically and energetically. Creating space in our mind-body and let the sound takes you on an inner journey of self-exploration and discovery. This workshop includes sound immersion and gratitude meditation.

This is also a great opportunity to experience a deep state of relaxation, balanced chakra energy, improved circulation and sleep quality.

The class is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Booking can be made directly through Yoga Room or call 2544-8398 for details

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